ROC Boilers are available nationwide (find your local distributor) we have a dedicated service team to support you with any queries and trained engineers to assist you in the unlikely event of a problem.

All ROC Boilers sold in the UK are Energy Rated A with WRAS and CE approval.Our Newest Range are also fully ERP compliant. ROC boilers are also British Gas Listed and for added peace of mind ROC boiler have are available with up to 10 year warranty.  (see Terms and Conditions for more information)

Quality Assured


ROC manufactures more than 500,000 appliances each year for sale in China, main land Europe and now in the UK. To ensure consistency to the highest levels of quality ROC productions facilities conform to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ROC UK provide high quality and high efficiency Condensing Combination Boilers and high quality and high efficiency System Boilers ranging from 28 Kw to 40Kw outputs to suit all your needs. Our Newest boilers are fully ERP compliant and are rated as A on both Heating and Hot water.

UK Products

ROC Cooling and Heating Equipment have been manufacturing Domestic Gas Boilers since 1995 adopting European boiler Technology. Over the last 20 years ROC have developed some of the most reliable & energy efficient domestic boilers in the world. More information about ROC Cooling and Heating Equipment
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