To help support your during this transistion we have created an ErP form. Although all our ErP compliant boiler have an ErP hand over certificate with them, for added convenance we can send you a completed Certificate, where we calculate the energy efficiency of your complete heating system based on the information you provide us of each componet of your system. if you wish to use this free service please click on the link below.

Energy related Products (ErP) is a directive that came into effect from the 26th September 2015.

The ErP directive has been designed to help the EU achieve its target to reduce energy use by 20% and increase the share of renewable energies by 20% by 2020. It will affect all space and water heaters, ensuring they meet minimum efficiency requirements, and require the same type of energy efficiency labels as fridges and washing machines.

You will still be able to install products purchased prior 26th September but after this date, boiler manufacturers and installers will have to ensure that the products they use and the systems they commission, meet the minimum requirements within this new Energy related Products directive.

As a boiler manufacturer we will be responsible for ensuring our products have compliant energy labelling the installer, will be responsible for providing the energy labelling for a complete heating system.