ROC Boilers are sold with a 10 year warranty in the UK since 1st October 2014. Roc Boilers SALES have been suspended in the UK. 

If you have a Technical or Operating problem with your ROC Boiler or you require an Annual Service, the following is the procedure you need to follow.

Firstly your boilers warranty has to have been registered with us within 30 days of the installation date for it to have 10 year warranty cover . If your Boiler is  registered or not contact one of our Regional Service Providers listed under Service Support on the ROC  Website. They will carry out any necessary repairs or Annual Service which will be chargeable to you. You will then have to claim any 10 year Warranty repair costs  back from UK Heating Distribution Ltd (Roc Boilers.)

Your 10 year warranty covers Major Components and the Labour (Max Labour charge of £100 plus vat can be claimed). You may be charged more than this depending on your location to replace those parts if found defective. It does not cover your annual service charge which can be carried out by one of our Regional Service Providers, British Gas or your Gas Safe Registered Installer.  This annual service has to be recorded in your Service Logbook. If your Roc Boiler is not serviced annually and recorded your Warranty is not valid and all callouts and parts will be chargeable. Major components covered by your warranty are Main Heat Exchanger, Gas Valve, Fan, Pump, Domestic Heat Exchanger (not scale).

A recognised System Filter must be fitted on your system for your warranty to be valid.


In the event that your Roc Boiler fails contact one of our Regional Service Providers. They will arrange a visit and carry out your repair they will raise an Invoice for the work carried out including any parts used. This will need to be paid either before or after the work is carried out directly to the Regional Service Provider. You will then need to send to ourselves the following. 1. Copy of Regional Service Provider Invoice. 2. Copy of Regional Service Provider Job Report.  3. Copy of Benchmark Page at the rear of Boiler Manual showing Service Dates.

The documents need to be emailed to for processing, if your warranty is valid a cheque will be posted within 21 days refunding any labour charges up to £100 and any parts used under the terms and conditions of the warranty.


For the purchase of Roc Boiler Spares contact GMS Ltd 167-169 Ilford Ln, Ilford IG1 2RT. Telephone Number: 020 8478 2404


Your Roc Boiler is British Gas Service Listed. You are able to enter into an Annual  Service Agreement with British Gas.